Sisson Kayaks is a maker of handcrafted sea and multisport kayaks. The business is in one ownership since 1974. First kayak made 1975. Peak production was not much short of 50 per week. This is now a one-man-band retirement hobby business. Annual production halts at 50 kayaks - about one per week. Get your order in early.
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Welcome to Sisson Kayaks.....

The past 35 years has resulted in many innovations and amazing customer feedback. Find out how this effects you by clicking here. Sisson Kayaks are Green Machines! What can be 'Greener' than a kayak that performs - and endures. Some Sisson Kayaks are still in regular use after 35 years!

Global recession scares you? Then buy a Sisson Kayak.

-Grahame Sisson email

News and updates...

April 17th, 2014 - 2014 retirement-hobby kayak construction  

Hi In about 8 weeks time Mt Hutt will be open and we will once again be based on our Methven farmland – which is where the kayak factory is located. I am building less kayaks than last year. Over 50% of the planned build slots are now taken with firm orders. Old returning customers […]

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2014 retirement-hobby kayak construction
July 19th, 2013 - 2013 Retirement-hobby kayak order book now full  

The orders flowed in! Thank you. Anyone else wanting a new Sisson Kayak – please keep checking the website to see if I make a similar offer in 2014. Or email me – you never know.

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2013 Retirement-hobby kayak order book now full
June 6th, 2013 - The new beginning? Retirement hobby kayak production starts.  

It is 15 months since I last cranked up the WordPress machine to update my Sisson Kayaks website. Lynda and I have enjoyed the 18 months since I locked up the kayak factory. In that time we have :- Greatly enjoyed the complete absence of daily ‘pressure-to-perform’ – as we have done for the previous […]

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The new beginning? Retirement hobby kayak production starts.

User Comments

Stable, quick, appears really solid, and looks damn good. It is on my shopping list for later! Jeff Mitchell, Voyager Expedition

I sold my Opus and raced against my Opus paddling friends who usually have 5 minutes in the hour advantage over me. Paddling my brand new Nucleus 60, I was right there with them in the race. Nucleus 60

I can paddle any boat, having been offered an F1 in the past, having access to a UFO and an Advantage, but I have CHOSEN to paddle an Evolution Edge. Ben Fouhy (World 1000k Sprint Champion), Evolution Edge

Thank you for such a good boat! Japanese paddler Takehiro Shibata, after his solo trip around Norway from Sweden to Russia, Arctic Raider

You can see many more user comments, and many are very current as of April 2008 by checking out our full product line.



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Ever wonder how to make sure your water photography comes out clear and beautiful? Check out this video of camera stabilizing techniques in a Sisson Nucleus 100 Kayak.

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