Drinkable Water

Drinkable Water

In 2010 I became the chairman of the Anakiwa Bay Water Association. Legislation said that we were years behind adopting the 2005 Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand. Two of the committee preferred the taste of infected water. Two committee members were neutral.  Myself and one other committee member set about making improvements. The two of us had the same desire – but hugely differing ways of approaching jobs. We fought.

The Association was a shambles – not even Incorporated – thus exposing members to personal liability. The ‘plant’ was ‘as-installed’ 35 years earlier.

Now lets be fair. The only error made by those committee members resisting change – was poor appreciation of the huge degradation in New Zealand rivers and streams in the past 50 years. Rivers and streams used to be drinkable – but not now.

Here are some links to four important 2017 reports on the degradation of NZ rivers and streams


And here is a link to the effect the felling of pine forest can have on stream water quality

“Your river is my catchment”


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