Sisson Kayaks is a maker of handcrafted sea and multisport kayaks. The business is in one ownership since 1974. First kayak made 1975. Peak production was not much short of 50 per week. This is now a one-man-band retirement hobby business. Annual production halts at 50 kayaks - about one per week. Get your order in early.
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Multisport Racing Kayaks

Yes Sisson Kayaks set the standard back in 1987 when we launched the 'TRIATHLETE' model. We merged a 4.6m racing boat with several Nordkapp sea kayak features. Years later we still set the innovative standard. Fact - since 1987 heaps of kayak manufacturers have copied our concepts, ideas and some (partial) designs. Fact - since 1987 no other multisport kayak manufacturer has come up with a fresh idea that we could be tempted to copy. It's truly is lonely out here in front!

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Ever wonder how to make sure your water photography comes out clear and beautiful? Check out this video of camera stabilizing techniques in a Sisson Nucleus 100 Kayak.

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