Sisson Kayaks is a maker of handcrafted sea and multisport kayaks. The business is in one ownership since 1974. First kayak made 1975. Peak production was not much short of 50 per week. This is now a one-man-band retirement hobby business. Annual production halts at 50 kayaks - about one per week. Get your order in early.
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The new beginning? Retirement hobby kayak production starts.

It is 15 months since I last cranked up the WordPress machine to update my Sisson Kayaks website.

Lynda and I have enjoyed the 18 months since I locked up the kayak factory. In that time we have :-

  1. Greatly enjoyed the complete absence of daily ‘pressure-to-perform’ – as we have done for the previous 38 years.
  2. Wound up the company – Sisson Kayaks Ltd.
  3. Dismantled all of the business overheads – and returned to the settings of 40 years ago – when the business started in ‘The Shed’ – as a hobby.
  4. Pondered “what-if-we-take-the-locks-off-the-kayak-factory-doors-again”

The kayak factory is still 100% operational. One snag though. We choose to live six hours drive away for eight months of the year. For the remaining four months we live right beside the kayak factory.

Why? The factory is located on farmland that is our winter holiday-home at Methven Mt Hutt Village. Yes we relocate to Methven – because we ski – and ski – and ski.

Over the past 6 months several loyal customers have ordered new replacement kayaks off my new hobby business. I will be making low numbers of kayaks in Methven this winter – in between the skiing.

This is your chance. If you want a new Sisson Kayak built between mid-June 2013 and mid October 2013, contact me on 027 2755 499 – or email me at

This offer is make only to real customers – who know about kayaks – who largely know what they want – and do not refer to the paddle as “an oar”. All others can buy their kayaks from the nearest branch of the Warehouse!

And now the good news. We live in times of low inflation. Currently many of the items I personally desire to own – are subject to deflation – the prices drop. My new 2013 kayak price list suffers from deflation too.

This lower kayak price-list is possible because operating as a ‘hobby’ means much lower overheads. We still pay our taxes. But not GST (except on our raw materials). Because kayak production costs contain heaps of LABOUR – my retirement hobby customers are the price-deflation winners

Request a factory-fresh-new-kayak quotation. EmailĀ or phone me on 027 2755 499.

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One Response to “The new beginning? Retirement hobby kayak production starts.”

  1. Grahame Sisson says:

    Wow. Please do not tell Lynda about this posting. She thinks that when Mt Hutt is closed – we will be going shopping.

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