“Wairarapa dairy farmers contributing to clean up”

The words from the Federated Farmers representative on Q & A 6th May – made me chuckle.

Steady! Keep the right wrist twisted back to provide ‘support’. Who would wish to swim in this?

I have not used such waters for swimming. However in an earlier 1970’s life I have waterskied in the Ruamahunga River – using dead cows as slalom marker-buoys.

If only this Fred Williams ski would hold my weight in 2018! Cow Slalom Buoy just out-of-frame.

The Ruamahunga River looked just like this file photo – except ‘our cows’ were bloated, floating and had all four legs in the air. Perfect!

Amazingly – as any of these healthy cows ‘slipped-to-their-death’ into the river – their ears (complete with identification tags) fell off.

Oh yes – that is me becoming the 1200cc Hydroplane National Champion in 1969 – on the lower Ruamahunga River diversion. We cleared the cows prior to racing

And now a few random photos from various NZ Councils and organisations.

Cow Poo is a structural material. As Sam Mahon proved.

Happy cow. Complete with ear tag – and ears. Note the stocking rate!



This came up in the same Google search. Kim Dot Com interviewing John Key

And now a few links


  1. My great-grandfather, grandfather and father were orchardists with side agriculture. (farmers).
  2. My holiday home is situated in the middle of farmland paddocks.
  3. I have great admiration for the hard working farmers I observe.
  4. I AM NOT ANTI FARMER. I am anti slack rural profiteering activity that degrades the world we live in. By taking. As shown above.
  5. Food does not come from the Supermarket – it comes from farmers.
  6. Without farmers we are three feeds away from starvation.
  7. At-the-end-of-the-day (John Key) – all of the issues noted above –
  8. Are really caused by Regional Councils failing to apply existing law
  9. Because – see below

Regional Council Water Control Officer travelling out to issue compliance (Total allowed stocking rate, riparian fencing, and planting) certificates to just-completed dairy conversion farms.

Finally a shot of no relevance. Except the siting of this industrial plant – and its manner of effluent disposal displays attitude.


Pareora Freezing Works. Shark central.




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