Apple Fan-Boy?

Fan-Boy – No more!

My very first Apple purchase was a 15 gig IPod. Solid. Still works. Still gets used. The Firewire port on my PC cost me heaps – and then Apple abandoned Firewire. The 15 gig Firewire IPod charger is now treated like gold!

About the time we moved to Methven (2004) we had a bunch of PC’s and a couple of laptops. For various reasons they stopped working. Armed with chequebook we headed to Christchurch and returned  with two amazing Motorola chip MacBooks. I even sent Apple an email thanking them – their product WORKED!

Around the time Apple changed to Intel chips we upgraded our MacBooks – and stored the old ones safely (thankfully – still used for special tasks).

The Fan-Boy acceptance of Apple things-that-worked resulted in us spending thousands on a huge desk top, Qello subscriptions, IPad2, IPad Mini, Apple TV and a bunch of IPhones.

Then the Apple Arrogant Greed took over.

This now invades my MacBook screen

My MacBook has a virus – sent repeatedly by the manufacturer

I simply have no need for iCloud.

Both of our iPads are landfill since their last Apple ‘update’. Any attempt to read web pages results in – BLANK



My IPhone SE became impossible to love – about the same time I let my Qello subscription lapse – by allowing my iTunes credit card details to expire,

My IPhone 4 and IPhone SE are now used as iPods.

For just $NZ245 I have a wonderful Nokia TA 1074 – which works! Every bit as well as the IPhone SE latest IPod. After a recharge the battery lasts 100% longer than ANY factory-de-tuned Apple smartphone

I will NEVER purchase another Apple product. Junk – Ruined by the greed of the marketer. Marketed by a greedy manipulative loser. 

Oh – I forgot to mention my Apple TV. All started well with smooth hiring of movies. Then they decided that we should buy the movies. Then they changed back to hire. Which sends you in circles – and no movies, And the Apple TV gets thrown like a frisbee into the landfill. Junk.

Message to Tim Cook.

You are a marketing idiotic moron. By purchasing Apple products we are not hiring them from Apple. You have no right to remotely detune these purchased products. Your motive seems to be that we will ‘upgrade’ to a later model Apple product.

Ohhhhhh – For the 780345th time Tim – I have no need for this.

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