Glen Currie dominates Frostbuster @ Methven

Methven Mt Hutt Village is a truly “Amazing Space” (100% honest Methven marketing slogan). Great people who really get behind their very special town. And in the South Island, thanks to the efforts of Methven farmer Simon Hampton, Methven is alive with Multisport events. Sort of like a South Island Multisport rescue Ark!

About 5 years ago, when our Methven property was still a clover paddock, our next door neighbour introduced me to her son, Glen Currie. Despite the age difference, five years on,  we have great friendship. So it was nice to receive the following email two days ago.
Hey Grahame,
Had a successful race in the weekend in the Frostbuster.Was a good turn
out I think Simon had over 200 people there which was awesome to see.

I wanted to give it a decent nudge so went out hard on the run with the
plan to give it everything on the bike.  I managed to do so by doing the
quickest bike time by four minutes, this put me in a good lead getting
into the boat.  Although I was stuffed the omega did as planned and ticked
along nicely, in the end it was ticking along faster than I thought and I
managed to post the third fastest paddle time (teams results included)
finished with an eight minute leadl over everybody, teams and individuals.So was stoked!
I see several parallels between Steve Gurney and Glen Currie. Both have survived life threatening illness’s – and come out the other side stronger in all ways. Both are very pleasant to be around. And both are capable of crafty race strategies, as can be witnessed above.

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