Nucleus 100 Racing Kayak

Nucleus 100 Racing Kayak

December 2019. Production continues in Winton. Email Rikki Griffin – – find out more.

The hull of the Nucleus is derived from a carefully scaled down Evolution Classic. Early on in the planning stages it was decided to widen the hull waterplane adjacent to the cockpit area sufficiently to provide exceptional stability for the paddler making the transition to narrower boats. It was also planned to allow the resulting interior space to allow really Front-Row-Forward-Rugby-Player type paddlers to experience the delights of a fast boat.

The waterline length of the Nucleus 100 is optimised to minimise the effects of ‘wetted area’ drag. Experience has shown that multisport kayaks paddled aerobically (endurance intensity) are most affected by water drag caused by wetted area. Wave making drag is more a factor with boats that are sprinted anaerobically. In order to minimise the ‘wetted area’ of a boat that has been made wider, the length is best made shorter. Recent speed testing reinforces the fact that the Nucleus hull is actually very fast at low power inputs.

The deck styling of the Nucleus 100 is absolutely scaled off the record setting Evolution Classic. The whole concept is to maximise water shedding after wave penetration whilst presenting the lowest possible profile to wind grab.

The Nucleus 100 cockpit coaming has a longer and wider sizing which means that larger paddlers will easily enter and exit the cockpit.

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