Q-Kayaks Closing Down sale

This is not a happy time for the NZ kayak industry.

I brought this news to the attention of Andrew Martin yesterday. Fair to say – Andrew and I are both in shock.

Max Grant had a dream to create a large business that would outlast his own very long involvement. The plan was for Q-Kayaks to be run by the family after Margaret and Max retired.

Not enough paddlers? That was my finding when I retired in 2010. I have my own thoughts as to why. There are some very unhelpful websites that killed the desire to sell-the-sizzle (the marketing of paddling).  Sportzhub springs to mind.

Max, under the 1970’s ‘Raidercraft’ (if I remember correctly) brand, was building great kayaks long before Quality Kayaks was formed. His contribution to the NZ kayak industry is huge. Q-Kayaks were for many years a huge Sisson Kayaks component customer. The payment ALWAYS arrived before the due date. Thank you Margaret.

Q-Kayaks arranged our introduction to Matsumura at Kleen-Tex Japan, which made it possible for Sisson Kayaks to export to Japan. The end of an era. In the late 80’s and the 90’s the NZ kayak manufacturing industry was huge. Q-Kayaks lead that amazing exciting NZ export drive.

The Grant family were in every sense pleasant helpful competitors. Andrew Martin has similar memories.Very very sad. We feel for the extended Grant family.

Lynda and I wish Margaret and Max a long and happy retirement. You know where to find us.

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