Sisson Kayaks Ltd has delivered the last new kayaks.

On Monday the 3rd October 2011 we shipped out a Nucleus 60, Arctic Raider and a Nordkapp.

Thus ends, for the company,  36 years of kayak production.

For the next few weeks the skiing takes first place. By clicking on the link below you can access my performance on Mt Hutt this last Friday. Make sure that you scroll down to witness my place on the Leader Board. Then proceed to read my message of thanks to the manager of Mt Hutt, David Wilson.

Hi David
On Friday the 30th September, at the age of 69, having skied since 1955, I absolutely smashed my own daily vertical descent skiing record.
My 28 runs on Mt Hutt started late and I did not really get serious until I was sculling the Macs Gold whilst waiting for my pizza in Hubers Hut. My IPhone showed that I was at that time, leading the top ten on the Leader Board! Wow – this was unexpected.
Some seriously fast runs were then packed in. My style went to the wind at the end of some of these runs – who cares – the focus was always on getting onto the first partly loaded chair available. I left early at 3.15 – there was an urgent kayak repair to complete that day.
Last Friday will always be remembered as total fun. I skied the equivalent of 1.5 Mt Everest mountains. Fast fall-line skiing. I challenge my cc’d friends and acquaintances to take-me-out. But I warn my friends and acquaintances – toppling me is likely to be a moving target. I am planning to (just for one day) put Kazumi into the number 2 slot. Bye bye Huber’s Hut that day!
David, my performance last Friday could not have happened without your help. Your ‘creative (used in the kindest of terms) accounting’ has transformed Mt Hutt in so many ways – all for the good. Here is my list. The bold items were vital to me.
1/ Safer and better maintained road
2/ Rearranged car parking with zero risk of being hit-and-run by a speeding Range Rover at the ticket queue / steps area
3/ Great food at reasonable prices.
4/ The removal of all surface lifts resulting in wide expansive slopes with no ‘accidental’ ironmongery resulting in divided slopes
5/ Massive snowmaking investment – still no tussock showing at the bottom of the triple chair on 30th Sept. Unheard of!!!!!!!
6/ Huge investment in grooming – both in the very best machines and the recruitment of highly competent drivers
7/ The Summit Six Express chair that smashes tow queues and made my geriatric vertical descent personal record possible.
8/ The recent million dollar investment on the International and Log Jam slopes. Snowmaking and winch grooming. This brings those lower slopes truly a part of the resort – in amazing fashion.
9/ 500% improved learner slope. Why would this impress me? Next season my snowboard is coming out of storage>>>>>>>>
10/ The new ticketing system that streamlines lift loading – and fuels the subject of this message – the Leader Board.
11/ Smooth and logical ‘traffic-flow’ on the slopes. Greatly reduced on-slope conflict.
Lynda and I also had Cardrona Season Passes. For all of the reasons listed above we did not visit Wanaka this winter. We knew where to find the real skiing. And where the best snow was located.
Thank you
Grahame Sisson
Like I say the skiing comes first. After Mt Hutt closes we will make a date for the Clearance Sale. This sale will include the kayak manufacturing plant items, including the 40 ft containers used as the factory.
More info to follow – as the skiing allows.

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