Sisson Kayaks new models – yes or no?

Two years ago it was planned to introduce two new top-line multisport kayaks. The Evolution Omega was the first to be developed and it was supposed to be followed by the Evolution Cutting Edge.

The benefits of the Omega are covered in its Product Page. The Evolution Cutting Edge is history. I chopped up the plug. It was in my way. And that is that. The Cutting Edge would have replaced the original Edge. More room for wider bottoms – 30mm longer and faster. Gone for good. The Omega is the final kayak design that I will waste my time creating.

Why you may ask. The multisport market, which I helped to build (at our peak we sponsored 27 athletes and 7 events) in the late eighties and early nineties is too small to be bothered with. On top of that there is a perception, fostered by morons, that the Evolution Omega is a fraud. I do have other business interests apart from my kayak making retirement hobby. I will follow those other business interests whilst still making existing models as the orders flow in.

New models – the answer is no!

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