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Very sorry to those customers who ordered parts over the past 6 months. Your orders were ignored. Very sorry.

After 38 years in business (36 making kayaks) we have rejoiced in the freedom to pursue many personal interests – some of which had been pushed to one side for too many years.

In addition the closing down of the kayak company – and all of its monthly overheads – has been a big job.

When we closed the business at the time Mt Hutt closed – the Methven office and the kayak fitout area were dismantled. All of the kayak parts were placed in storage. Until March 2012 the problem has been – where can these be stored in an accessible space? Space has now been made at our Anakiwa home – so when we next visit Methven a stock of spare parts will be located for easy dispatch.

From March 2012 spare parts will again be available.

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