Space Ship Earth – It’s all that we have.

Anyone with half-a-brain would look after it

Ah well – NASA’s marvellous Kepler satellite (Click here) has done its best to find us a new home. Maybe NASA’s new ungraded TESS satellite (click here) will find us a new home.

Two problems

  1. The “Habital-Zone planets so far discovered are millions-of-human-life-spans distant.
  2. Bad news for Mars-bound astronauts – cosmic rays damage your GI tract (Click here)
  3. The universe is expanding and will soon (billions of years) become drake (Click here)

Clearly each and every one of us should daily reflect on our – LUCK. Just to exist.

It looks as though we are between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place!

It seems to me that planet earth is a fluke. We are a fluke. We should all contemplate and embrace that ‘fact’.

Why do we still carry on like Stone-Age cavemen? Wasters!

Read what Gail Tyerberg has to say

My belief is – we are alone. Spaceship Earth – WOW!

There is no hope

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