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Unlike Allan Bollard, we were well aware of the likelihood of the financial fiasco. A little article in The Press Business page mentioned Nouriel Roubini. Five minutes later I had Googled him and signed up to get his free daily emails. I also downloaded his February 2008 twenty seven page report to Congress. Thank you Nouriel – we have not yet lost a dollar.

So if a simple kayak builder could access such great free advice – how did the Governor of the NZ Reserve Bank miss this free and accurate information by a mile?

I have now been building kayaks for 35 years. In that time I have seen many recessions and Muldoon stuff-ups – globalization – currency value set by speculators – and no decent comedy on TV . This current monster is the worst. So far the banksters have moved the hole dug by their greed to be paid off by my grandchildren. Nothing has really been fixed though. The sovereign debt is world-wide going into vortex mode. Our middle class lifestyle is no longer guaranteed beyond – well – maybe next week!

This general stupidity effects kayak sale volumes. And even though I see myself as a ‘retirement-hobby’ the overheads just keep getting larger.

There is every possibility that some day soon – my family may commit me to total retirement! So please – keep sending me the kayak orders. Playing lawn bowls is not yet an option. And I too like to play with things of more substance than marbles.

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