This website – what future?

We are retired. Yeah right! We are still very very busy. And we move into retirement with heaps of options because we have sold off none of the assets that we have accumulated over the past 45 years. Options galore!

This Sisson Kayaks website will continue to exist. As a place to supply spare parts to old Sisson Kayaks owners. And who knows – it may even be expanded in slightly different directions.

Who knows what the future holds. The global banking industry looks bleak. The list of countries that may decide to default on their ‘bonds’ is huge. So many previously affluent ‘middle-class’ people have to now plan different routes to the future.

Kayaking always was the most affordable way to get afloat. That will continue. The market is glutted with commodity cheap plastic stuff. There will always be a need for real kayaks that perform and endure for decades.

This website will continue. And I will be more active in future. Because I will have more time available. Honestly – I will try to keep some topical stuff here.

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