“Wairarapa dairy farmers contributing to clean up”

Update 29th January 2019 https://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/110103636/the-public-relations-war-over-freshwater-has-restarted

The words from the Federated Farmers representative on Q & A 6th May 2018 – made me chuckle.

Steady! Keep the right wrist twisted back to provide ‘support’. Who would wish to swim in this?

I have not used such waters for swimming. However in an earlier late-1960’s life I have waterskied on (not in) the Ruamahunga River – using dead cows as slalom marker-buoys.

If only this Fred Williams lap-strake ski would hold my weight in 2018! Cow Slalom Buoy just out-of-frame.

The Ruamahunga River looked just like this file photo – except ‘our cows’ were bloated, floating and had all four legs in the air. Perfect!

Amazingly – as any of these healthy cows ‘slipped-to-their-death’ into the river – their ears (complete with identification tags) fell off.

Oh yes – that is me winning the 1200cc Hydroplane National Championship in 1969 – on the lower Ruamahunga River diversion. We cleared away the earless cows prior to racing

And now a few random photos from various NZ Councils and organisations.

To make matters worse the Regional Councils use the wrong (click here) software to monitor water quality.

To make matters worse the Regional Councils use the wrong (click here) software to monitor water quality.

To make matters worse the Regional Councils use the wrong (click here) software to monitor water quality.

Davis Lange’s comment – after the 1980’s dairy farming bust


Cow Poo is a structural material. As Sam Mahon proved.



Happy cow. Complete with ear tag – and ears. Note the stocking rate!

To make matters worse the Regional Councils use the wrong (click here) software to monitor water quality.

This came up in the same Google search. Kim Dot Com interviewing John Key

And now a few links


  1. My great-grandfather, grandfather and father were orchardists with side agriculture. (farmers).
  2. My holiday home is situated in the middle of farmland paddocks.
  3. I have great admiration for the hard working farmers I observe.
  4. I AM NOT ANTI FARMER. I am anti slack-rural-profiteering activity that degrades the world we live in. By taking. As shown above.
  5. Food does not come from the Supermarket – it comes from farmers.
  6. Without farmers we are three feeds away from starvation.
  7. “At-the-end-of-the-day” (John Key) – all of the issues noted above –
  8. Are really caused by Regional Councils failing to apply existing law.
  9. Because – see below

Regional Council Water Control Officer travelling out to test the waterways using Overseer software, issue compliance (Total allowed stocking rate, riparian fencing, and planting), certificates to just-completed dairy conversion farms.

Here is a shot of no relevance. Except the siting of this industrial plant – and its manner of effluent disposal – Displays REAL Attitude.

Pareora Freezing Works. Shark Central – kayakers should not hug the coastline..

Hmmmmm. Click here to read Duncan Garner’s terrifying Opinion Piece.

Duncan Garner suggests that “Alert, alert, mad cows on loose, MPI in deep coma”

Which conjures up this image in my mind.

Could this be a mono-culture?

Which leads to this

Descending into Christchurch on a Melbourne flight in 2001 I was perplexed by the ‘circles’ on the Canterbury Plains

Click here for ‘6 Problems with Monoculture Farming’

Historic Canterbury Plains diversified agriculture

Export apple shipment from Papanui. My father (left) and grandfather (right)

On 25 acres of the Canterbury Plains, my family farmed

  1. Nine apple varieties. Our product was branded K829.
  2. Four pear varieties. Stamping the box labels was my job.
  3. ‘Forced’ rhubarb. (? whats this?)
  4. Rhubarb
  5. Asparagus.
  6. Black currants
  7. Red currants
  8. As well as 2 acres of open land – that was never expected to produce the same crop.

    Instead we now have

    This monoculture will all end in tears! I observed such tears on TV last night.

    Finally – some science

    About Waiology

    Waiology is a blog about our most precious natural resource – water. It is edited by Dr Daniel Collins, with contributions from freshwater scientists.

Wow – a Zero-out-of Ten score

19th June 2018 – Read about it by clicking here

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