“What are you doing with the kayak building stuff?”

No idea. Absolutely no idea. We still own the Methven farm land. We still own the factory and plant. The Methven land is now where our ‘bach’ (holiday home) is situated. Mt Hutt season passes came on sale two days ago – bring it on.

The fibreglassing shop where the kayaks were moulded is the same as it always was – 120% operational. The kayak fitout and office areas are now converted for other use – but the fitout area will be set up in a smaller area shortly. Fully operational kayak factory – just locked up. Nothing has been sold.

The company named Sisson Kayaks Ltd is being wound up. The assets will then become the property of the shareholders. The retired ones!

Maybe my retirement will become too boring. Who knows what will happen in Methven. My current retirement hobbies include making things for myself from metal, timber and fibreglass. Keeping my skills up.

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